Bonn Awarded Hosting of FOSS4G 2016


The OSGeo Foundation is pleased to announce that the hosting of the FOSS4G (Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial) 2016 event has been awarded by the OSGeo Conference Committee to ”’Bonn, Germany”’.

The Bonn local organizing team, led by the chair [ Till Adams], brings many years of experience, hosting a successful yearly [ FOSSGIS] event in Germany, and also as one of the original OSGeo local chapters, [ FOSSGIS_e.V.]. Community members (anyone) wanting to discuss the 2016 event can do so now on the new [ FOSS4G2016 mailing list].

[ Jeff McKenna], president of OSGeo says: “”The OSGeo Board of Directors are very excited for the Bonn team to host the FOSS4G2016 event. I have personally known many of the local committee members for several years, and I have watched their successful FOSSGIS event grow in Germany each year. I couldn’t be more confident that the 2016 event in Bonn will be one of the most memorable FOSS4G events.””

OSGeo would also like to thank the Dublin, Ireland team for their wonderful proposal, and their continued passion for all things FOSS4G.

”’Congratulations to the Bonn team!”’


== About FOSS4G ==

FOSS4G is the international gathering of Open Source geo tribes. From its beginnings the FOSS4G conference has a reputation of being a melting pot for great ideas in the spatial industry and a catalyst for many successful geospatial products, standards and protocols. FOSS4G has evolved into one of the most important geo events of the year, approaching a thousand attendees and with major industry sponsors. Excitement is now building for the upcoming [ FOSS4G2015 conference] that will be held in Seoul, South Korea. FOSS4G rotates around the world each year, throughout 3 regions of the Americas, Europe, and Asia/South Pacific.

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