OSGeo Community program welcomes the PROJ-JNI project

2021-08-20 The PROJ-JNI project has been accepted into the OSGeo Community program.

The Open Source Geospatial Foundation is pleased to welcome PROJ-JNI to our Community program. PROJ-JNI is a project that exposes Java Native Interface bindings to the PROJ C/C++ library.

The OSGeo Community program recognizes applications and tools that are geospatial, freely available with an open source license, and are setup to collaborate fairly. This program helps OSGeo promote innovation and the hard work of teams and organizations worldwide.


PROJ-JNI is a project that exposes Java Native Interface bindings to the PROJ C/C++ library, the well-known and widely-used coordinate transformation library that underpins most open-source geospatial coordinate transformations. This project allows JVM ecosystem developers to build directly upon recent and future improvements to PROJ via native bindings, rather than requiring that libraries separately re-implement all projection and transformation functionality in JVM languages.
PROJ-JNI currently works with system-installed versions of PROJ, and is currently looking into the feasibility of simplifying the end-user experience via pre-compiled native libraries for different platforms.

Source code is hosted on GitHub, which also contains documentation, installation, and information about contributing.

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