There are various ways to get in touch with OSGeo

Thank you for your interest in contacting OSGeo. Note that depending on your area of inquiry, there are a number of different mailing lists to use.

Technical questions

Remember: all technical questions and questions about any of our projects or software products should be addressed directly to the appropriate project-specific mailing list. Technical questions addressed to a non-mailing list will not be answered.

List of OSGeo project mailing lists:

General Discussion List

General questions and comments should be sent to OSGeo’s Discuss mailing list. Subscribe at:

Contact OSGeo’s Board of Directors

If you would like to discuss with OSGeo’s Board of Directors, please send your message to the board mailing list: subscribe at

Postal address

9450 SW Gemini Dr. #42523
Beaverton, Oregon
United States

Info Address

Email: info(at)osgeo(dot)org

The info address is not monitored regularly, and forwards only to a few recipients and is therefore not recommended. Please use one of the above mailing lists to guarantee a proper response to your query.

Feedback Form

If you don’t have a question about an OSGeo software project, you can complete the following form to send a message. Note that questions about OSGeo projects will not be answered, and this feedback form is not monitored frequently.



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