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Try a rasdaman service: The datacube standards demonstration portal, powered by rasdaman, showcases the Big Earth Data standards OGC WCS and WCPS, in a variety of 1-D to 5-D geo use cases.

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Pioneering datacubes. The rasdaman team early on has invented services for actionable datacubes. In fact, rasdaman has pioneered Array Databases, being the first fully implemented, operationally used system with an array query language and optimized processing engine. Today, rasdaman is a lively, mature, and professionally managed open-source project led by Jacobs University, with substantial contribution also by the rasdaman GmbH spinoff.

Makers of the Big Datacube Standards. The ISO SQL/MDA (Multi-Dimensional Arrays) standard, initiated and crafted by the rasdaman team, integrates n-D arrays seamlessly into table world based on rasdaman the array query language. This standard is domain-independent and can serve all of Earth, Space, Life sciences, and beyond. Further, rasdaman is OGC datacube reference implementation and the blueprint for OGC WCPS, the OGC geo datacube analytics standard. In fact, the whole OGC/ISO coverage data and service standards suite has been critically shaped (and continues to be maintained) by the rasdaman team.

Worldwide Recognition and Success. A continuous series of awards recognizes rasdaman’s lead, such as most recently the 2019 TechConnect Global Innovation Award. Further, rasdaman is listed in the GEOSS Component and Service Registry. Finally, since many years rasdaman is included in the OSGeo Live DVD of particularly recommended open-source geo tools.

Core features

  • Rasdaman's features

    • Datacube visualization and analysis at your fingertips.
    • The rasdaman (“raster data manager”) datacube engine allows management and analysis of massive multi-dimensional arrays (“datacubes”), such as sensor, image, simulation, and statistics data.
    • From simple geo image access up to complex datacube analytics, rasdaman provides the whole spectrum of functionality on spatio-temporal raster data – both regular and irregular grids.
    • “Bring your own client” – users stay in their comfort zone of well-known tools for map navigation (eg, OpenLayers, Leaflet), virtual globes (NASA WorldWind, Microsoft Cesium), Web GIS (eg, QGIS, ArcGIS), and analytics tools (eg, R, python, GDAL), but also with server world (eg, MapServer and GeoServer).
  • Platforms

    • Linux / Unix
    • Mac OSX
    • Rasberry Pi
  • Languages

    • Python
    • R
    • C++
    • Java
    • SQL
    • WCPS
  • Operations

    • "Map Algebra", more generally. Array Algebra
    • Data fusion
    • Multi-dimensional, spatial and temporal data handling
    • Filtering, aggregation/statistics, analytics
    • Local, zonal, focal, and global pixel operations
    • Reprojection
    • Masking
    • Complex numbers
    • Nodata handling

Implemented Standards

  • Geography Markup Language (GML)
  • Web Coverage Processing Service (WCPS)
  • Web Coverage Service (WCS)
  • Web Coverage Service Transactional Profile (WCS-T)
  • Web Map Service (WMS)

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rasdaman (“raster data manager”) offers flexible, scalable services on massive multi-dimensional raster data, aka datacubes. Through OGC WMS, WCS, and WCPS APIs rasdaman enables access, extraction, analytics, and fusion of regularly and irregularly gridded datacubes over the Web. Its full-stack implementation combines high performance with low hardware resource use. Build-up and maintenance of datacubes is smooth and automated through rasdaman’s intelligent ETL (extract, transfer, load) tool.

rasdaman has pioneered actionable datacubes and Array Database Systems in science, engineering, and beyond. A series of epigons is emerging recently. In 2019, its array query language has been adopted by ISO as part of the SQL database language constituting Part 15: Multi-Dimensional Arrays (MDA). Further, the rasdaman team is leading Earth datacube standardization in OGC an ISO, being the main editor of the coverage suite.

Jacobs University and a dedicated research spin-off, rasdaman GmbH, jointly maintain and advance the rasdaman datacube technology.

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