Meta CRS Initiative

An interoperability initiative helping open source projects communicate spatial information between systems.

MetaCRS initiative gathers together interested parties from across several projections, and coordinate system related technologies.

These projects form the core infrastructure underlying our ability to do Open Source GIS. Forming an initiative helps provide enough “mass” to justify the full OSGeo treatment. More importantly it provides a forum to cooperate – sharing things like coordinate system dictionaries, test suites and mathematical formulation

Steering Committee

  • Frank Warmerdam (chair)
  • Simon Liu
  • Norm Olsen
  • Mike Adair
  • Howard Butler
  • Martin Davis


  • PROJ4 – Frank Warmerdam
  • Proj4js – Mike Adair
  • CS-Map – Simon Liu
  • GeoTIFF/libgeotiff -Frank Warmerdam
  • – Howard
  • Proj4J – Martin Davis
  • GeoTools – Jody Garnett


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