Mesh Data Abstraction Library (MDAL)

Mesh Data Abstraction Library (MDAL) is a translator library for more than 15 unstructured mesh geospatial formats used mainly in meteorology and hydrology.

Mesh Data Abstraction Library (MDAL) is a C++ library for handling unstructured mesh data released with MIT license. It provides a single data model for multiple supported data formats, mostly used in meteorology and hydrology. MDAL is used by QGIS for data access for mesh layers.

Core features

  • Reading of formats used in meteorology

    • GRIB
    • NetCDF
  • Reading and writing of formats used in hydrology

    • TUFLOW
    • 3Di
    • CF/UGRID
    • FLO-2D
    • HEC-RAS
    • others

Implemented Standards

  • NetCDF Climate and Forecast Metadata Conventions (CF)
  • UGRID Conventions (UGRID)

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