OGC Open Web Services (OGC OWS) client-side implementation using Python programming language.

OWSLib is a Python package for client programming with Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) web service (hence OWS) interface standards, and their related content models.

OWSLib was buried down inside PCL, but has been brought out as a separate project in r481.

Core features

  • Python

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  • OGC Services

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Implemented Standards

  • Catalogue Service for the Web (CSW)
  • Georeferenced Tagged Image File Format (GeoTIFF)
  • Geography Markup Language (GML)
  • Keyhole Markup Language (KML)
  • Web Coverage Service (WCS)
  • Web Feature Service (WFS)
  • Web Feature Service - Transactional (WFS-T)
  • Wep Map Context (WMC)
  • Web Map Service (WMS)
  • Web Map Service - Tile Caching (WMS-C)
  • Web Map Tile Service (WMTS)
  • Web Processing Service (WPS)

Service Providers

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