GeoServer Client PHP

GeoServer Client PHP is library for interacting with the GeoServer API.

GeoServer Client PHP facilitates the interaction between any PHP project and the functionalities offered by the GeoServer API. It allows developers to use it for many purposes. For instance, to enable your application to handle geo-spatial file formats.

So far, the library focuses on two main workflows:

  1. the upload of files and
  2. the retrieval of the details, including the WMS service url and a thumbnail.

Core features

  • Supported file formats

    • GeoTiff files
    • Shapefile, Shapefile in ZIP archive
    • GeoPackage v1.2
    • SLD files
  • Interact with GeoServer API

    • Upload files in various formats (Shapefile, GeoTiff, GeoPackage)
    • Obtain the version of the connected GeoServer instance
    • Create workspace or retrieve existing workspace details
    • Create datastores and listing them
    • Create coveragestores and listing them
    • Manage styles in SLD format

Service Providers

Core contributors

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