GISRUK is a community of academics and practitioners whose mission is the advancement of spatial sciences and the nurturing of the next-generation spatial experts. In 2023, we will be going to Glasgow, UK.

Welcome to the GIS Research UK conference 2023.  As in previous years, the conference is going from strength to strength with a wide range of papers and topics. As the field of research into the science and applications of geographical information systems continues to evolve, so does GISRUK.

GISRUK is a special conference. While originally created as the UK’s national GIS research conference, and established in 1993, we became recognised as one of the leading research conference in the area of GIScience worldwide. We attract delegates from all parts of the UK, together with the European Union and further afield and from disciplines including Geography, Computer Science, Planning, Archaeology, Geology, Geomatics and Engineering.

The organisation of the conference would not be possible without the support of our sponsors. We are therefore pleased to acknowledge the kind sponsorship that enables the conference to make it affordable to young researchers and academics, invite leading keynote speakers and provide awards. This year, we have received support from ESRI UK, RGS GIScience, HM Land Registry and Springer Nature.

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