Pista ng Mapa 2021 Philippines (Online)

Celebrating open (geo)data and maps; fostering the growth of inclusive communities across the Philippines.


Last year, we brought the Pista online. This year, we’re keeping the spirit burning for our 2nd Online Pista on November 13, 16, and 20, 2021!

Pista ng Mapa (Filipino for “Festival of Maps”) is a not-for-profit outreach event to encourage public participation, promote the use of open (geo) data, free and open source software (FOSS), and related technologies. It is the pioneer and premier free and open conference in the Philippines made for and by people who have a passion for open stuff and is run wholly by volunteers from the local open data, open source, and open mapping communities. Every year, it brings together hundreds of participants from different backgrounds and communities to celebrate open source, open data, and open geospatial and gathers experienced members of the local communities while welcoming and inspiring new members to join, help, or start their own communities.


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