2010 Charter Member Selection

OSGeo members,

The 2010 process is complete, and the new charter members are, in alphabetical order:

  • Alex Mandel
  • Andreas Hocevar
  • Anne Ghisla
  • Astrid Emde
  • Danilo Furtado
  • Gavin Fleming
  • Hirofumi Hayashi
  • Jo Cook
  • Maria Brovelli
  • Milena Nowotarska

I apologize for not sending out more process reminders, but I was on the road in Japan and not really watching the clock. However, the voting period has now passed, and over 50% of the membership participated in the selection process.

Thanks to all the nominees who took the time to write to the discuss list about their nomination.

A significant number of voters expressed that the number of slots was not sufficient given the number of quality nominees, which is an issue I will refer to the Board for next year’s process.

Thanks for your votes,

Paul Ramsey
2010 OSGeo Chief Returning Officer

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