2010 Charter Membership Elections

It is time to once again nominate new OSGeo Charter Members. We need you to pick out the folks you think would bring energy and interest to the OSGeo mission and bring their names forward!

Only OSGeo Charter Members can vote for OSGeo directors, and only OSGeo Charter Members can *be* OSGeo directors, so membership is a necessary gateway to more official involvement in the organization.

The process for Charter Member selection is outlined here:


The deadline for nominations is November 2, 2010.

Please send your nominations to cro@osgeo.org, outlining the name and contact e-mail of your nominee(s) and your reasons for nominating.

The new Charter Member election will be held in the succeeding week and close on November 11. The results will be announced two days after that.


Paul Ramsey
OSGeo Chief Returning Officer, 2010

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