Announce release of PROJ 7.2.0 and PROJ-data 1.3

On behalf of the PROJ development team I am happy to announce the release
of PROJ 7.2.0 and PROJ-data 1.3.
Kristian Evers

The PROJ release includes a number of improvements, new features and bug
fixes. See the detailed release notes below. The PROJ-data package includes adds
new resources for Finish TIN shift transformations as well as the Japanese
GSIGEO2011 geoid.

Get the packages here:

7.2.0 Release Notes


+ Command line tools:

o Add multi-line PROJ string export capability, and use it by default in
projinfo (unless –single-line is specified) (#2381)

+ Coordinate operations:

o +proj=col_urban projection, implementing a EPSG projection method
used by a number of projected CRS in Colombia (#2395)

o +proj=tinshift for triangulation-based transformations (#2344)

o Added ellipsoidal formulation of +proj=ortho (#2361)

+ Database

o Update to EPSG 10.003 and make code base robust to dealing with
WKT CRS with DatumEnsemble (#2370)

o Added Finland tinshift operations (#2392)

o Added transformation from JGD2011 Geographic 3D to JGD2011
height using GSIGEO2011 (#2393)

o Improve CompoundCRS identification and name morphing in VerticalCRS
with ESRI WKT1 (#2386)

o Added OGC:CRS27 and OGC:CRS83 CRS entries for NAD27 and NAD83
in longitude, latitude order (#2350)


o Added temporal, engineering, and parametric datum
PJ_TYPE enumerations (#2274)

o Various improvements to context handling (#2329, #2331)

o proj_create_vertical_crs_ex(): add a ACCURACY option to provide
an explicit accuracy, or derive it from the grid name if it is
known (#2342)

o proj_crs_create_bound_crs_to_WGS84(): make it work on
verticalCRS/compoundCRS such as EPSG:4326+5773 and
EPSG:4326+3855 (#2365)

o promoteTo3D(): add a remark with the original CRS identifier (#2369)

o Added proj_context_clone (#2383)

Bug fixes

o Avoid core dumps when copying contexts in certain scenarios (#2324)

o proj_trans(): reset errno before attemptying a retry with a new
coordinate operation (#2353)

o PROJJSON schema corrected to allow prime meridians values with
explicitly stating a unit (degrees assumed) (#2354)

o Adjust createBoundCRSToWGS84IfPossible() and operation filtering
(for POSGAR 2007 to WGS84 issues) (#2357)

o createOperations(): several fixes affecting NAD83 -> NAD83(2011) (#2364)

o WKT2:2019 import/export: handle DATUM (at top level object) with PRIMEM

o WKT1_ESRI: fix import and export of CompoundCRS (#2389)

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