Announcing PROJ 6.2.0

On behalf of the PROJ development team, we are happy to announce the release of PROJ 6.2.2. See release notes below for details.

Download the source distribution here:

In addition, we are also releasing an update to the proj-datumgrid-europe package, which is now at version 1.4. Download it here:

The grid package now includes the two Swiss grids CHENyx06a.gsb and CHENyx06_ETRS89.gsb.

6.2.0 Release Notes


  • Introduced PROJJSON, a JSON encoding of WKT2 (#1547)
  • Support CRS instantiation of OGC URN’s (#1505)
  • Expose scope and remarks of database objects (#1537)
  • EPSG Database updated to version 9.7.0 (#1558)
  • Added C API function proj_grid_get_info_from_database() (#1494)
  • Added C API function proj_operation_factory_context_set_discard_superseded() (#1534)
  • Added C API function proj_context_set_autoclose_database() (#1566)
  • Added C API function proj_create_crs_to_crs_from_pj() (#1567)
  • Added C API function proj_cleanup() (#1569)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed build failure on Solaris systems (#1554)

Kristian Evers

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