Call for events: Second Annual Global World Commons Week

Call to host local events as part of the Second Annual Global World Commons Week (October 6-12, 2019).

Open source software (and open educational resources) are forms of Internet-based “commons” — and that’s what the IASC organization is trying to promote. A link between GeoForAll and OSGeo and the IASC community is a natural one. The Second Annual Global World Commons Week will take place 6-12 October 2019. Last year’s website is at (http://worldcommonsweek.orgif you want to see what happened in last year’s event.
An important element of World Commons Week 2019 are establishing coordinated local events all over the world on commons related issues and practice. If you are planning any local events around open source or open education (e.g., a workshop on a FOSS4G topic, a lecture, or a community mapping project), please complete this online survey:

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