First Open Source Geospatial Lab in Wales

We are pleased to announce that the first Open Source Geospatial Lab in Wales is established at the GIS Research Unit at the University of South Wales. The GIS group at University of South Wales has been established for over 25 years and its research activity and outputs has given it an international reputation. It has developed highly successful lines of GIS research, as well as introducing new areas of activity and new collaborations. Notable progress has been made in areas such as accessibility modelling, landscape visualisation, spatial data generalisation, population estimation modelling and GIS-based optimisation techniques. Staff within the Centre have published over 100 papers in peer reviewed journals and Academic staff in the group are Programme Committee members for a number of UK and International conferences.

The GIS Research Unit will become part of the ICA-OSGeo Lab network of over 50 laboratories world-wide (more details at, and on the initiative’s website This is in recognition of the unit’s on-going use and development of Free and Open Source GIS technology in teaching, research and consultancy. A particular focus is on the use of such technologies in the areas of health service planning, environmental management and the emergency services. The lab will be directed jointly by Dr. Mark Ware and Prof. Gary Higgs.

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