GDAL Project Maintainer Contracted

OSGeo and the GDAL Project are pleased to announce the contracting of Mateusz Loskot for general GDAL maintenance and support activities. Mateusz has been issued a six month contact, and will be performing duties reporting to the GDAL project steering committee.

The funding for this contract has been supplied through the GDAL sponsorship program, by GDAL’s first four silver sponsors: Applied Coherent Technology, SRC, Safe Software and Cadcorp. The project sponsorship program gives organizations that depend on GDAL an accountable mechanism to support the project.

Mateusz’ tasks will include bug fixing, testing, and user support. He will be working according to the GDAL Paid Maintainer Guidelines put in place by the GDAL Project Steering Committee. While sponsor bug reports will receive a degree of priority his efforts will benefit the whole GDAL user community.

It is hoped that sponsor supported maintenance contracts such as this will bring a new level of professionalism and responsiveness to the GDAL project, and serve as a model for other OSGeo projects.

Frank Warmerdam
GDAL Project Steering Committee Chair

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