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The GeoForAll newsletter May 2019 issue is available at GeoForAll website at /initiatives/geo-for-all/  and /initiatives/geo-for-all/geo-newsletters-archive/) in pdf format and in Spanish.

GeoForAll community would like to thank the editors and all those who helped with their contributions to have both editions by sending their articles, announcements, news, etc. For those who would like to sent articles, news, etc., to be published in future editions  please contact the GeoForAll chief editor  Dr. Nikos Lambrinos , Professor of Geography Teaching, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece.  Email:


The video recording of the latest GeoForAll  webinar by Ian Hanou and Clayton Steneroden from PlanIT Geo ( ) on

FOSS4G for Cloud-based urban forestry applications is available in the GeoForAll webinars YouTube Channel at

The recordings of all GeoForAll webinars are available at

We thank Dr. Rafael Moreno and University of Colorado Denver, USA for hosting the GeoForAll webinars.

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