GeoForAll webinar on “Thinking about QGIS as a Consultant and Educator”


Title: Thinking About QGIS as a Consultant and Educator

Presenter : Kurt Menke 

When : April 13th, 2018  at 12:00 PM Mountain Central Time (7:00 PM GMT)

Webinar joining URL at

Abstract: I first downloaded QGIS in 2005 when it was version 0.6.(Simon) At that point it was out of curiosity and I it wasn’t something that was terribly useful for my day-to-day work. I was intrigued and kept tracking its development. I first began teaching courses with it in 2009 when it reached version 1.0 (Kore). By that point it was becoming very useful in certain respects. At version 2.0 it started becoming a regularly used tool in my toolbox. I ended up co-authoring several books about it and getting involved with the community. Now at version 3.0 QGIS has become my day to day workhorse and teaching with it is pure pleasure. In this webinar I will discuss why this is the case with examples from my work and experiences teaching it (and FOSS4G generally). In doing this I will highlight what I consider to be its strongest features. I will also discuss some areas where I would like to see it evolve.

If you can’t join us, the recording will be posted in the GeoForAll YouTube Channel

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