Geomajas Graduates OSGeo Incubation

OSGeo is pleased to announce that the Geomajas project has graduated from the incubation process and is now a full fledged OSGeo project with Pieter De Graef appointed as project representative (Vice President, Geomajas).

Geomajas is the extensible open source web mapping framework, enabling integrated GIS solutions for businesses and government. It has an integrated client-server architecture, with a high focus on server-side integration of your data (be it through GeoTools or Hibernate). This means that you apply your security and business logic on the server before anything gets send to the client, resulting in robust applications (see architecture) and a real thin client.

Geomajas is a Java based end-to-end solution. By leveraging the GWT, Hibernate, GeoTools and Spring, Geomajas offers an enterprise environment for building web GIS applications.

Graduating incubation includes requirements for open community operation, a responsible project governance model, code provenance and license verification and general good project operation. Graduating incubation is the OSGeo seal of approval for a project and gives potential users of the project added confidence in the viability and safety of the project.

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