GeoMoose 3.0.1 Released

Hey Folks!

With 3.0 in the wild for a little more than a month we’ve made some fixes and some updates that didn’t make the cut in the first release. Thanks to everyone for the contributions and feedback.

Release notes are here:

Downloads available on the good ole website:

Some bigger highlights:

1. The upload dialog sees some major improvement. It’s now substantially more fault tolerant, reports how many features were added, and if there was a failure.
2. The workshop from FOSS4G is now in the documentation:
3. A quickstart for getting GeoMoose up and running in EC2:

For those looking to do an upgrade: You should be able to download the examples and update the local copy of the “geomoose” folder.

Cheers everyone from the GeoMoose Team.

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