Get ready for the OSGeo Annual Meeting 2021

OSGeo Annual General Meeting 2021 was published as a video in advance. We hope to see you on 1 October 2021 14h UTC for the virtual event

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we again will have our Annual General Meeting (AGM) virtually this year. It will be during FOSS4G 2021. We would like to invite you to the AGM on Friday, October 1st 2021 from 14h to 15h UTC [1]


We are happy to meet you at our global FOSS4G conference again, even though it will be virtual, instead of face to face.


We have been active in advance and asked our community for short videos about the status of their project. We are happy to be able to publish the OSGeo Annual General Meeting video on the OSGeo YouTube channel [2]. It was amazing to get all the videos from local chapters, projects, committees and initiatives. We hope we did not miss any video. A big thanks to all the community members who provided a video and to Vicky Vergara who mixed them all together.


Now you are invited to watch the AGM 2021 video in advance of our meeting on Friday. If there are questions or topics for discussion we can follow up on the Virtual AGM on Friday.


This year’s OSGeo annual general meeting (AGM) is dedicated to the memory of Malena Libman who passed away due to COVID-19. Her passing was a big shock and we miss her. She was meant to be the chair of this year’s FOSS4G 2021 and she was a star of our community. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family.


We would also like to dedicate to the memory of Martin Isenburg who passed away after the editing of the AGM video. Martin was the creator of LAStools, LASzip, and PulseWaves. He was a giant in the LIDAR community. Our thoughts and prayers are also with his family.


Thank you to all people that contributed to the AGM and hope to see you on 1 October 2021 14h UTC for the virtual event


We also would like to invite you to subscribe to our OSGeo youtube channel




[3] Martin Isenburg

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