IslandWood – 4th Annual North American Codesprint

The fourth annual North American codesprint is only 3 months away!

*** Space is limited, so you need to register in advance ***

The sprint will be February 5-9, 2012, at IslandWood — a small retreat center in the Pacific Northwest. This sprint has always attracted a great mix of people from a number of different OSGeo-related projects, and it serves as a great opportunity for some dedicated face time for project collaboration, from bug stomping to future release planning.

If you’re a developer on an open source geospatial project, please consider coming to the codesprint. You’ll have some dedicated development time for yourself, you’ll be abel to work with others on your projects, and you’ll have a chance to interact with key developers from other projects. All in the woods on a small island in the Puget Sound.

Wiki page:
Contact: email for more info or to register.

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