MOSS4G Project Announcement

MOSS4G (Mobile Open Source Software for Geoinformatics)

MOSS4G project proposes to build on the discussions of the FOSS4G 2006 Mobile GIS BOF and OSGeo Mobile Solutions Wiki and create a GPS enabled application with data exchange and remote services (WFS-T), with raster support (WMS). We’re going to target Windows CE platform first but we are going to use C/posix as the standard so we can migrate to others.

It will be based on other Open Source projects that have been ported to Windows CE like GDAL, GEOS, PROJ.4 and many many other utility libraries like libgd, libpng, libjpeg, etc.

So, our project is going to create a kind of framework for further developments for GIS solutions based on Windows CE platform.

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John Graham

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