A new gvSIG Mobile available

The open source mobile GIS of the gvSIG Suite.

The new gvSIG Mobile is already available, the open source GIS application for field data gathering.

The application is available for Android devices, and can be installed from Google Play.

The new gvSIG Mobile is based on Geopaparazzi, and was born with the aim of having a mobile GIS application for professionals, having different tools that facilitate its integration with the rest of the gvSIG Suite. For example, it has a data importer and exporter from/to gvSIG Online. Besides, the next version of gvSIG Desktop will include a plugin that will allow data dumping between both applications.

With this new version it will be possible to carry out census or inventories, update or audit information and all of that integrated with the SDI. You can gather field data, edit existing data, attach images, notes or sketches to geolocated elements, etc. Without forgetting the ability to have forms that make gathering easier.

All the information about documentation for users and developers, videos, etc. will be included at the project website.

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