Announcing for maven, docker, npm, …

Now live to replace osgeo downloads and boundless repositories.

An update from the system administration committee – we pleased to announce the availability of

This is a Nexus repository being made available to OSGeo Projects and Community Projects. Nexus is a general purpose artifact manager with plugins to act as a repositories for maven, docker, npm, and more.

Our Java projects are already making use of as a maven repository. Effective immediately this repository replaces the osgeo webdav and boundlessgeo maven repositories:


For more information:

  • Visit and have a look!
  • OSGeo Wiki SAC:Repo for details on how to access, and how project teams can join, and opportunities to help.
  • GeoTools Upgrade page provides concrete cut and paste pom.xml upgrade instructions, or details on a quick fix to settings.xml to let your existing builds continue to run.
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