Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo) Develops a Code Of Conduct

Over the last decade there has been a gradual adoption of Code-Of-Conduct statements at events and within organisations, including at FOSS4G events and within OSGeo projects. Adopting a good Code-Of-Conduct consolidates expectations about respectful behaviour at events and forums, ensuring they are safe, welcoming and productive and helps communities discreetly address indiscretions should they occur.

Building upon this initial momentum, the OSGeo Foundation has adopted a general Code-Of-Conduct to make it easy to apply to all OSGeo projects, and related events such as OSGeo.

Jeff McKenna, president of the OSGeo Foundation, explains:

: “OSGeo community members must be able to safely interact, contribute, share, learn, and be respected for who they are. OSGeo strives to foster growth and innovation in the geospatial industry, and diversity must be respected to reach this goal. Thank you to everyone involved in creating this Code-Of-Conduct for the OSGeo foundation, and let us all continue to promote Open Source geospatial safely and fairly.”

The Code-Of-Conduct can be referenced by adding a line similar to:

: Contributors to this project are expected to act respectfully toward others in accordance with the [ OSGeo Code of Conduct].

The OSGeo Code-Of-Conduct is available at

It is derived from the great work of other organisations, mostly from the Apache Foundation’s [ Code-Of-Conduct].

== About FOSS4G ==

Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial ([ FOSS4G]) is the international gathering of Open Source geo tribes. From its beginnings the FOSS4G conference has a reputation of being a melting pot for great ideas in the spatial industry and a catalyst for many successful geospatial products, standards and protocols. FOSS4G has evolved into one of the most important geo events of the year, approaching a thousand attendees and with major industry sponsors. Excitement is now building for the upcoming FOSS4G2015 conference that will be held in Seoul, South Korea in September. FOSS4G rotates around the world each year, throughout 3 regions of the Americas, Europe, and Asia/South Pacific.

== About OSGeo ==

The Open Source Geospatial Foundation ([ OSGeo]) is a not-for-profit organisation founded in 2006 whose mission is to support and promote the collaborative development of open source geospatial technologies and data. OSGeo software and technologies are a major contributor for the global geospatial economy and are used by millions in academia, governments and businesses worldwide.

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