OSBootCamp6/GeoCamp2008 on June 2-3, Ottawa, Canada

It is my pleasure to invite you to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada to attend Open Source Bootcamp 6 (aka. Geocamp 2008).

Open Source Bootcamp (osbootcamp) is an industry driven mini-conference to provide outreach and training regarding use of open source software. Each osbootcamp event focuses on a theme. The theme for osbootcamp6 is open source geospatial software.

The geospatial bootcamp event is also aiming to provide an informal opportunity for the developers of various OSGeo and other open source geospatial technologies to get together for technology planning and development activities. For this reason, we have joined forces with OSGeo and members of the OSGeo community to host this event also known as Geocamp 2008. The event will be running concurrently with the GeoTec event in Ottawa June 2-5 2008.

It was felt this event might be nice for those that can’t make it to FOSS4G 2008 in Cape Town in September.

This free event runs on June 2nd and 3rd on the campus of Carleton University, in Ottawa. June 2nd will be a full day of presentations. June 3rd will be reserved for BOF meetings, code sprints, and get togethers.

For more information, and to register, please visit:


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