OSGeo accepts 22 students for Google Summer of Code 2013


let us warmly welcome the 22 accepted students for this round of GSoC!

We received over 30 proposals from a variety of geospatial projects, and we accepted proposals from (in alphabetical order): GEOS, GRASS GIS, gvSIG, istSOS, MapServer, Opticks, OSGeo4W, OpenStreetMap, OSSIM, software packaging, pgRouting, QGIS and uDig/GeoTools.

The list includes OSGeo projects (official and incubating) and like-minded projects such as OSM, pgRouting, uDig and istSOS – let GSoC be a “gathering of tribes”, an occasion to improve communication among all geospatial open source initiatives.

See the full list of OSGeo students on OSGeo page on Melange. More details on the program are available on Melange and on OSGeo wiki page about Google Summer of Code.

We wish all students and mentors a great summer!

Anne, Hamish and Dustan
OSGeo GSoC Admins

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