OSGeo Establishes Category A Liaison with ISO/TC 211

OSGeo and ISO/TC 211 have established a Category A liaison, enabling OSGeo to make effective contributions to ISO/TC 211 standards.

In support of OSGeo’s continued commitment to standards and interoperability, OSGeo and ISO/TC 211 have established a Category A liaison, effective 31 July 2020. The liaison will enable OSGeo to make effective contributions to ISO/TC 211 as well gain insight into current and emerging ISO/TC 211 standards.

Angelos Tzotsos, President of OSGeo, commented, “Open Source Geospatial Foundation is committed to support and promote open source software and open standards. The liaison with ISO/TC 211 will strengthen the voice of open source geospatial projects and provide opportunities to contribute to open standards. We are looking forward to working together with ISO/TC 211”.

”An ISO International Standard embodies the essential principles of global openness and transparency, consensus and technical coherence”, commented Agneta Gren Engberg, chair of ISO/TC 211. “These are safeguarded through its development in an ISO Technical Committee, representative of all interested parties, supported by a public comment phase. ISO/TC 211 looks forward to the mutual benefits of the liaison relation with OSGeo.”

Initially communicated at the OSGeo 2020 Annual General Meeting, participation is open to anyone in OSGeo. Members wishing to participate in ISO/TC 211 activities are encouraged and advised to visit the OSGeo wiki for more detailed information. Note that there are also liaisons from ISO/TC 211 to OSGeo.

About OSGeo

The Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo) is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to foster global adoption of open geospatial technology by being an inclusive software foundation devoted to an open philosophy and participatory community driven development.

About ISO/TC 211

ISO/TC 211 is a Technical Committee of the International Organization for Standardization, focused on the standardization in the field of digital geographic information, which aims to establish a structured set of standards for information concerning objects or phenomena that are directly or indirectly associated with a location relative to the Earth.

ISO/TC 211 standards may specify, for geographic information, methods, tools and services for data management (including definition and description), acquiring, processing, analyzing, accessing, presenting and transferring such data in digital/electronic form between different users, systems and locations. The work shall link to appropriate standards for information technology and data where possible, and provide a framework for the development of sector-specific applications using geographic data.

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