OSGeo Finland chapter is approved by the OSGeo Board of Directors

The OSGeo Finland chapter received an official status March 10, 2016 after being in formation for a long time. The chapter is organized as a legal entity in Finland thereby making it capable to enter into formal contracts and have a bank account.

The interim board of the chapter is

* Eduardo González
* Ari Jolma
* Jukka Rahkonen
* Jaakko Ruutiainen
* Kari Salovaara (chair)
* Pekka Sarkola
* Jonne Savolainen

The web page of the chapter is https://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Finland but a new site is planned at http://www.osgeo.fi/.

OSGeo Finland organizes yearly a users’ meeting and a developers’ meeting. The next users meeting (ALPO) is May 17th and the next developers’ meeting (devALPO) will be organized in the fall.

The first AGM of OSGeo Finland will be on April 12, 2106 at Tuulikuja 2, Tapiola, Espoo (Sito offices). Everybody is welcome!

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