OSGeo Student Awards for FOSS4G 2015, Seoul

On behalf of [http://www.geoforall.org Geo for All], we are pleased to announce the winners of the OSGeo Student Awards for FOSS4G 2015, Seoul

1) OSGeo Best Oral Presentation Student Award
Title:Analysis of Spatial Density Utilizing the Big Data of Floating Population of Seoul City
Authors: Hailin Kim (Hankuk Academy of Foreign Studies, Republic of Korea)

2) OSGeo Best Poster Presentation Award
Title: Mobile Application of Open Source Stack to Geo-based Data Visualization on E-Government Web Framework
Authors: Kwangseob Kim (Hansung University), Hanseam Park, Kiwon Lee, Republic of Korea

3) FOSS4G Seoul Best Oral Presentation Student Award
Title: Landmark Based Path Planning And Linear Path Generation For Mobile Map Applications
Authors: Thejaka Mahaulpatha (Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology), Pasindu Chandrasekara,Dananjaya Thathsara, Irendra Koswatta, Nimalika Fernando, Sri Lanka

4) FOSS4G Seoul Best Poster Presentation Award
Title: Development of Opensource-based Photogrammetric UAV System Using Smart Camera
Authors: Jinwoo Park (Pukyong National University), Hohyun Jung, DongYoon Shin, Chuluong Cho,Republic of Korea

It is worth noting that the winner of OSGeo Best Oral Presentation Student Award, Hailin Kim (Hankuk Academy of Foreign Studies, Republic of Korea), is high school student! That is really excellent news and builds upon FOSS4G Europe’s student competition win by students from a high school in Alaska for the Europa Challenge 2015 . Details at http://opensourcegeospatial.icaci.org/2015/07/ica-osgeo-isprs-awards-for-nasa-europa-challenge-2015 This shows the new generation is much ahead in leading Open Principles in Education and we need to give them more support.

We congratulate all of them for their excellent work and contributions to FOSS4G and Open Principles. These student awards have been possible thanks to the support of the Open Source Geospatial Foundation, so we thank the OSGeo Board , community and the LOC for their strong support. Special thanks to Sanghee Shin, Venkatesh Raghavan, Maria Brovelli, Jeff McKenna and everyone in the G4A Team who made this possible. Sanghee Shin has kindly provided the url of some of the photos in Flikr https://www.flickr.com/photos/135608763@N08/ (our thanks to the volunteer who took the photos)

Based on feedbacks received from the community , we have decided that the Student Award initiative at FOSS4G conferences from now will be handled by the GeoforAll Team (by keeping in touch with LOC) . As this is new initiative, we are learning from experiences, feedbacks and will improve for the future events. We are also looking into ideas for making the student competition more wider ( to include students from various disciplines and different levels so students from high schools to university level can participate). The aim of the awards is to recognise the excellent contributions from students worldwide not only to FOSS4G but also acknowledge their contributions to open knowledge and being good global citizens by helping spread the benefits of education to all.

Professor Venkatesh Raghavan also gave an excellent Plenary presentation on Geo4All. The slides are available at http://www.slideshare.net/VenkateshRaghavan1/g4-a-newver2

We thank the whole Seoul Team for their hard work and efforts over many months for making a very successful FOSS4G global conference http://2015.foss4g.org in Asia.

Now it is the turn of Bonn Team http://2016.foss4g.org to carry on the good work 🙂

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