The Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo) welcomes the initiatives of the CASCADOSS project. It is helping to build solid organisational foundations for those public sector bodies and SMEs which use the Free and Open Source GIS and Remote Sensing projects which OSGeo exists to support.

In carrying out analysis of appropriate software for use in GIS and RS projects relating to the Environment and management of Environmental Information, CASCADOSS is offering a invaluable service to both users and developers of FOSS4G projects.

Documentation and evaluation of software and standards for specific user communities is not a always focus of our software development communities. However, such efforts are necessary to reach our goal of spreading the use of Open Source software and its positive economic/organizational application in to new and broader constituencies. A third-party effort to offer clarity on licensing and future maintenance options to public sectors and SMEs will serve to provide mutual benefit for everyone in the broader FOSS4G community.

An effort like CASCADOSS serves as valuable bridge-building between the free software development community and GIS tools user communities. This is especially helpful for bridging between networks of specialists, scientists and scientific units such as those involved in Europena Union GMES Programme. CASCADOSS also aims to spread information on use of FOSS4G among EU countries with special focus on New Member States. This effort will encourage potential users in the broaden application of FOSS4G solutions.

OSGeo is glad to offer support to CASCADOSS where it can, including promotion of associated events, and re-dissemination of output reports and other documentation.


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