OSGeo Swag Store Now Open

The Visibility and Fundraising Committees are pleased to announce that
OSGeo now has an online store, selling everything from our classic Black
Shirts to Tote Bags to Teddy Bears, all with our distinctive and
increasingly prestigious logo. And of course, all profits go to support
our Foundation’s activities.


This store is being run by CafePress, the same merchant service used by
many other open source organizations. By using CafePress, OSGeo doesn’t
have to get involved in the details of ordering, credit cards, shipping,
returns, etc.

Please note that these are not the same Black Shirts as we use for
conference events; those have been and will continue to be supplied by
Lands’ End. VisCom will continue to be responsible for doing
bulk-orders through them for events. The CafePress site is a
fundraising venture aimed meeting individual members’ needs, wants, and

Also, we are in the process of setting up a PayPal site for direct
donations to the Foundation. It is likely that donations above certain
level will provide thank you gifts which may include a special-logo “I
Support OSGeo” shirt, not otherwise available.

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