pgRouting Release 3.1.1

During the OSGeo Virtual Community Sprint 2020, bug fixes were done to pgRouting and we are pleased to announce the release of pgRouting version 3.1.1 (2020-10-19)

The latest release is available at:

The fixes were backported to version 3.0.3:


Some of the improvements

Issues fixes

  • #1733 : pgr_bdAstar fails when source or target vertex does not exist in the graph
  • #1647 : Linear Contraction contracts self loops
  • #1640 : pgr_withPoints fails when points_sql is empty
  • #1616 : Path evaluation on C++ not updated before the results go back to
  • #1300 : pgr_chinesePostman crash on test data

To update your database

Download the packaged version from your operating system, and use this command in the database:

ALTER EXTENSION pgrouting UPDATE TO “3.1.1”;


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