pgRouting version 3.5.0 release

The pgRouting Team is pleased to announce the release of pgRouting version 3.5.0
The latest release is available at [1]
For discussions on the release, go to [2]

To see all issues & pull requests closed by this release, see the Git closed milestone for 3.5.0 on Github. [3]

Official functions changes

  • Dijkstra
    • Standarizing output columns to |short-generic-result|
      • pgr_dijkstra (One to One) added start_vid and end_vid columns.
      • pgr_dijkstra (One to Many) added end_vid column.
      • pgr_dijkstra (Many to One) added start_vid column.
To update your database

Download the packaged version from your operating system, and use this command in the database:
ALTER EXTENSION pgrouting UPDATE TO “3.5.0”;


pgRouting Team

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