PROJ 5.2.0 released

News item by Chair Kristian Evers: On behalf of the PROJ development team I am happy to announce
the release of PROJ 5.2.0.

PROJ Project Chair Kristian Evers reports:

This release includes both bug fixes and
new features (see for details).

The source distribution of the new version can be downloaded here: ( (

NOTE that this will be the last version of PROJ that publicly
exposes the projects.h header. This will also be the last version
including the NMAKE build system for Windows. Please adjust
your software and workflows accordingly in preparation for the
next version scheduled for release early next year.

As well as a new version of PROJ we are also releasing new
versions of the datumgrid packages. These are

proj-datumgrid-1.8 (
proj-datumgrid-europe-1.1 (
proj-datumgrid-north-america-1.1 (

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