PROJ 9.0.0 & PROJ-data 1.9

On behalf of the PROJ development team I am happy to announce the release of PROJ 9.0.0 and PROJ-data 1.9.

The PROJ release includes a number of updates and bug fixes as well the discontinuation of the Autotools build system. From now on CMake is the only supported build system in PROJ.See the detailed release notes below.

The PROJ-data packages includes new grids for the Polish ETRF2000-PL, Norwegian chart datum grids and the Belgian hBG18 geoid model. Get the packages here:


9.0.0 Release Notes

Breaking Changes

o Support for the autotools build system has been removed (#3027)
See RFC7 for details:


o Database updates:

+ ESRI projection engine db to version 12.9 (#2943)

+ EPSG v10.054 (#3051)

+ Vertical grid files for PL-geoid-2011, Polish geoid model (#2960)

+ Belgian geoid model hBG18 to grid alternatives (#3044)

o Add new option to proj_create_crs_to_crs_from_pj method to force +over on
transformation operations (#2914)

o Specify CMAKE_INSTALL_RPATH for macOS; use -rpath LDFLAGS for tests (#3009)

o Implement Geographic3D to Depth/Geog2D+Depth as used by ETRS89 to CD Norway
depth (#3010)

o Allow PROJ_LIB paths wrapped with double quotes (#3031)

o Use external gtest by default when possible (#3035)

o CMake: make BUILD_SHARED_LIBS=ON the default even on Windows (#3042)

o proj.ini: add a ‘ca_bundle_path’ variable (#3049)

Bug fixes

o Fix extremely long parsing time on hostile PROJ strings (#2968)

o CMake: fix warning with external googletest (#2980)

o proj_get_crs_info_list_from_database(): report PJ_TYPE_GEODETIC_CRS for
IAU_2015 -ocentric geodetic CRS (#3013)

o peirce_q: rename +type parameter wrongly introduced in 8.2.1 to +shape (#3014)

o Set more precise error code for parsing errors in proj_create() (#3037)

o createOperations(): fix transformations from/to a BoundCRS of a
DerivedGeographicCRS coming from WKT (#3046)

o Better deal with importing strings like ‘+init=epsg:XXXX +over’ (#3055)

o Fix importing CRS definition with +proj=peirce_q and +shape different from
square or diamond (#3057)

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