The 4th gvSIG Festival is coming

For the fourth year running we launch the gvSIG Festival, the online conference in which anyone in the world with an Internet connection can attend or participate as a speaker. The event will be held in March 27th and 28th 2019.


This year we want to make a special appeal to the group of women who are part of the gvSIG Community. We would like that a large percentage of the presentations of this 4th Festival are given by you, so we encourage you to present your proposals.

In the gvSIG project we have always wanted to work and contribute our bit in the fight against gender discrimination. In internal debates we have always taken into account that within a movement such as open source software, and the values associated to it, the obvious absence of women should be worrying. And maybe it’s the biggest problem. That should be worrying and it is not.

The sector of open source geomatics, and gvSIG, do not escape these dynamics either. Even significant progress, there’s an obvious absence of women in our collective. And the worst thing, we not only find that there are only a few initiatives that allow to create spaces to favour their integration, but it seems that it is not necessary.

And even if it’s only a little that we can contribute, we would like to start working on this small step to help to reverse this situation.

gvSIG festivals are open to any presentation related to the project, from anywhere in the world and in any language. From now on, we start the path to the next ‘4th gvSIG Festival’.

The information about the proposals submission can be found on the event website:

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