The World Challenge Finland 2018 – Utilize Satellite Data for World Peace, Health, Education and a Sustainable Earth!

The purpose of The World Challenge Finland 2018  is to bring the world closer together through innovative solutions that we each build and then collectively share with each other. Open source solutions serving your community needs, can then benefit every other city! Almost every city needs the same data management tools as every other city. If cities were to share their solutions with each other, this would multiply their investment by the number of cities participating, massively increasing Earth’s collective productivity for livability on planet Earth.

Often times the best things happen when we work together! That is why to support these efforts, the United Nations Office of Information and Communication Technology (UN OICT) is teaming up with NASA WorldWind and ESA for this year’s World Challenge.

The United Nations has long recognized that technology is critical to the delivery of its mandates. The United Nations leverages ICT to enable its work in the areas of peace and security, international law, human rights, development and humanitarian affairs. Furthermore, the Secretary-General, António Guterres, has emphasized how ICT can help us on each and every Sustainable Development Goal.

This World Challenge is an opportunity for students, academia and industry to deliver brilliant innovative solutions for world peace, health, ecology, education and sustainability in the spirit of the ESA and NASA mottos ‘for the benefit of all.’ The finalist teams get an all-expense paid trip to Helsinki for the climax week!

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OSGeo will be awarding best Student winner award for the event.

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