Tom Kralidis

Name: Tom Kralidis ID: tomkralidis

Tom Kralidis is a participant at and an employee of Environment Canada. Tom is primarily a user of MapServer (and underlying packages) and mapbuilder and also supports OGC specifications for open source projects. Read on for more of the Tom Kralidis Developer Spotlight.

Open Source Projects: MapServer (, mapbuilder (, chameleon ( )

City: Toronto

Province: Ontario

Country: Canada

Company: Environment Canada

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself (what you do, experience, hobbies, family, interesting things about you).

A: travelling, reading, home renovation projects

Q: How long have you been working in the geospatial domain and why?

A: Since 1997. I’ve always been fascinated by maps and location and factors causing them, and caused by them. “Everything is somewhere, and everything happens somewhere”.

Q: What are you using geospatial software and what software are you using to get the job done?

A: Mainly for publishing Web Services using OGC implementation specifications.

Q: What attracted you to the projects you are using/participating in?

A: Support of OGC specifications, rapid turnaround of feature implementations / bug fixes.

Q: What open source projects are you contributing to as a developer?

A: I primarily serve as tech and standards advisory to the MapServer and mapbuilder projects, as well as other open source projects which require this type of advice.

Q: What open source projects do you consider yourself a user and why are you using them?

A: MapServer (and underlying packages) and mapbuilder.

Q: Is your company using code from these projects?

A: yes, we are using MapServer for our OGC Web Services.

Q: What operating systems are you using?

A: Linux for development.

Q: What programming languages do you use (scripting and compiled)?

A: Perl, C, Java

Q: What spoken/written languages are you fluent in?

A: English, Greek, some French

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