uDig release 2.0.0

Today, we are happy to announce uDig release 2.0.0

uDig is not an offical Eclipse project (just in incubation) and this release isn’t an official Eclipse-Foundation/LocationTech Release

Thank you for your support during the last month of collaborating to get it out, special kodos for contributions and testing goes to

  • Emily Gouge
  • Hendrik Peilke
  • Nikolaos Pringouris

You can find Release Notes and Artifacts right here: https://github.com/locationtech/udig-platform/releases

Supported platforms:

  • Windows 32/64bit
  • Linux 32/64bit
  • MacOSX 64bit[1]

Right now we haven’t packaged any platform specific installed such as DMG for MacOSX and EXE for Windows, if necessary just drop a line

If you have findings or contributions, please file an issue or submit a Pull request but consult open issues/pulls first 😉

[1] MacOSX 32bit isn’t supported anymore because Eclipse Platform doesn’t support SWT for this platform anymore

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