University of Colorado Denver’s FOSS4G Lab

The global ICA-OSGeo-ISPRS labs are pleased to announce the launch of the University of Colorado Denver’s FOSS4G Lab. Thanks to Dr. Rafael Moreno-Sanchez who has been leading this at University of Colorado, Denver, USA. It is also great to see the establishment of an international advisory board for the lab to review plans and activities and provide advice for the growth and future direction of the lab. Details at

The University of Colorado Denver’s FOSS4G Lab is supported by a diverse group of faculty from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and the College of Architecture and Planning, all of whom have a particular interest in FOSS4G. The faculty collective is constantly expanding into new departments and colleges, adding to the breadth of knowledge and expertise in Geospatial Science. The initial lab faculty include Dr. Peter Anthamatten, Dr. Joshua French, Michael Hinke, Dr. Wesley Marshall, Dr. Carolyn McAndrews, Dr. Rafael Moreno-Sanchez, Dr. Deborah Thomas, Dr. Austin Troy, Dr. Amanda Weaver, Dr. Michael Wunder, Suzanne Anderson, Tim Stalker and Valerie Kraucunas.

Details at

They also offer a wide diversity of geospatial training with certificate programs in the Department of Geography and Environmental Science, the College of Architecture of Planning, and the School of Engineering. More details of the University of Colorado Lab at

University of Colorado is the 18th University in the USA to establish Open Geospatial Lab in the last 2 years and joins a great family of other key research universities (University of Massachusetts ,Harvard University, University of California, University of North Carolina, University of Kansas, Arizona State University, Kent State University etc). We are looking forward to receiving more applications from other universities in USA to establish research labs and expand our research in Open Geospatial Science in the United States and globally.

There is also good news on Open Education with the U.S. Open Government Partnership: National Action Plan that is released. Details at

Thanks to all who made this possible and this will have a domino effect…

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