Welcome to our new OSGeo Silver Sponsor Addresscloud

May 2021

We would like to welcome our new OSGeo Silver Sponsor Addresscloud.

OSGeo exists to foster the adoption and development of open geospatial technology, and we welcome Addresscloud’s support of our mission. It is brilliant to see companies like Addresscloud who have built buisnesses and services on the open source geospatial tools that we all use be able to contribute to OSGeo, helping to ensure the ongoing sustainability of our community.

Angelos Tzotsos, President
OSGeo Foundation (May 2021)


The Addresscloud team have been regular attendees and presenters at the FOSS4G conferences. With the sponsoring OSGeo and Addresscloud come closer together.

Read the article from Tomas Holderness https://blog.addresscloud.com/osgeo-sponsorship/

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