Winners announcement: Pitch your research – GeoforAll student competition

We are honoured to announce the first winners of the Pitch your research – GeoforAll student competition.

Firstly, we want to thank all the students that submitted their work for the Pitch your research competition. The range of the topics and the quality of the work were impressive! Below are the winners:


Best Spanish presentations:
1st  Carla Cadena Valdivia
2nd Iván Eduardo Alonso Ramírez
3rd  Ulises Francisco Ruiz Gomez


Best English presentation:
1st  Ashfak Mahmud
2nd Arvind Gauns
3rd Zelbé Boshoff


Promising tools: 
Bence Péter Hrutka
Mohamed Shamroukh Mohamed
Nicholas De Kock


Open mapping award:
Patrick Ken Kalonde


Thank you to the judging panel for their time and effort.

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