Combining culture, environment, and open innovation is a small but active NGO founded in 2011 to formalize the activities of a team which started in 2007 to develop independend projects concerning protection and promotion of lesser known resources in the areas of culture and environment. Several of the founding members of the association had a strong FOSS4G background (and its president has been working with FOSS4G technologies since 1994), so it is natural for to propose and advocate a FOSS4G paradigm. The association is based in Southern Tuscany, in the Farma Valley, about 100 km South of Florence, in an rural area with an extremely low population density. thus making it an area of peculiar interest for research on topics like ecology and environment.

Our current key project is the development of the Farma Valley Community map. We also host interns from high school (according to the so calle “Alternanza scuola-lavoro” law) and universities (Erasmus+)

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