Comunidad gvSIG Uruguay

Comunidad gvSIG Uruguay
is a collaborative organization that promotes Open Principles in Geoeducation (Free and open source software, open data, open standards, open educational resources, open access to research publications)


– Spread the principles of equality, collaboration, solidarity and shared knowledge
– Contribute to an independent and creative collective
– Promote synergies, interactions and exchange with other collectives
– Unite the community around common ethical and democratic values
– Promote the use of gvSIG in both public and private institutions, as well as in educational institutions at all levels
– Integrate the Uruguayan community to the rest of gvSIG communities, especially Ibero-American, to build a collaborative infrastructure that covers as many possible areas

gvSIG Batoví has been developed within Comunidad gvSIG Uruguay. It is a GIS (Geographic Information System) applied to educational environments with destination to the Plan Ceibal (OLPC initiative for Uruguay), based on gvSIG. The idea came from the Ministry of Transport and Public Works (MTOP, Uruguay) which decided to make an agreement with Plan Ceibal and gvSIG Association for its development.

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