School of Science & Technology, The University of Fiji

Key competences: GIS, Spatial Analysis, Vizualisation, Education with Geospatial Technology, Systems Development, Data Collection, Database Management, Systems Integration, Network Modelling/Simulation/Analysis, Web Mapping, Application Development, PostgreSQL/PostGIS, GeoServer, MapServer, Geonode, OpenLayers, GeoEXT, GeoExplorer, GDAL, QGIS Server, QGIS Desktop, QGIS Web Client, Lizmap Web Client, Python and GRASS + R.

The First Open Source Geospatial Laboratory in the Pacific Islands region is located here at the University of Fiji, School of Science and Technology (SST). Our mission is to follow OSGeo/ICA Memorandum of Understanding by supporting development of open-source geospatial software technologies, training and expertise.

The lab is run by the Information Technology Services (ITS) team in collaboration with members of SST and connected members of the Pacific Chapter of OSGeo (PacOSGeo).

Our goal is to provide training, education and to support development of open source geospatial software as well as free geospatial data. We work to create opportunities for academia, industry and government in open source GIS to support OSGeo Labs mission “Making geospatial education and opportunities accessible to all”.

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