USP Geospatial Science Laboratories

The University of the South Pacific operates 4 geospatial labs from within the School of Geography, Earth Science and Environment.

2 x teaching labs named Catalina Geospatial Lab and Sunderland Flying Lab. Each lab has 24 seats with projector and instructor computer up front. Each lab a carries a variety of proprietary and FOSS applications, Sunderland Lab is dual boot for Wndows and Linux
1 x geospatial research lab – focal point fro those conducting research using geospatial technologies and methods
1 x geospatial operations lab – equipment store for survey gear, drones fleet and home to South Pacific Flying Labs

All labs are dedicated to teaching, research and outreach in support of Geospatial Science as a vehicle for the benefit of Pacific Island Peoples.

The University of the South Pacific, a body incorporated by the Royal Charter of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and having its principal address at Laucala Campus, Suva, Fiji. Founded in 1968, USP serves the regional needs of its 12 member Countries. As one of the major and leading tertiary education providers in the Pacific, USP offers education and training, research and consultancy services, and technical expertise to its members. This steady supply of graduates has contributed to meeting the human resource development needs of the region for 50 years.
USP School of Geography, Earth Science and Environment have been offering GIS courses since 1994. In 2015 we offered for the first time a Bachelor in Geospatial Science in two steams, Developer and Analyst.
Our project base is broad covering, UAV imaging, physical environment, social applications, climate change, community resilience, mangrove and seagrass ecology, agriculture and systems development.
South Pacific Flying Labs operates a Youth Engagement Programme and flies in time of Natural Disaster

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