Women in GIS, Kenya

Women in GIS, Kenya is an initiative that brings together users in the Geospatial Industry in Kenya. The initiative is inspired by our everyday experience and journey in the field with our key focus being to ensure that women are part of the force shaping the future of technology. Women in GIS Kenya has since grown in terms of membership and impact in the field through our high quality and informative sessions that provide top-notch information on matters important to the geospatial community. Our sessions range from capacity building sessions, geo-discussions, lightning talks, panel discussions , breakfast meetings and knowledge transfer sessions.
Objectives of the Initiative
1. To provide a mentorship platform for Women in GIS in Kenya.
2. To organize events and knowledge transfer sessions aimed at improving knowledge and application of GIS to solve problems facing women in Kenya. These knowledge transfer sessions are planned quarterly to accommodate up to 50 Attendees for each event.
3. To strengthen professional skills of women in GIS Community
4. To enable the Women in GIS Community to apply GIS, Data Analysis and Visualization skills to improve their socio-economic dynamics.
5. To keep Women in GIS, Kenya informed of new technological advances

1. Monthly DataViz Challenge
2. Hack4Equity Hackathon
3. Quarterly Webinars
4. Quarterly Knowledge transfer sessions (University Trainings/Workshops)

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